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Transportation by container has been alive for two decades and is widely spread throughout the world, as it saves time, transportation costs, etc. Many countries are rapidly establishing new ports for modern container seagoing vessel, as well as development of this vehicle. Currently, our country is in the early stages of Containerization. Foreign trade has been using containers and shipping by sea. At the request of making process in scientific and technical about international transportation and demand of foreign customers, Vietnam’s containerization will surely develop. Foreign trade plays a significant role in the process of country containerization.

To be in tune with the trend of transportation by container, Tan Thanh Container has been the leading prestige and quality container supplier of Vietnam. Every year, we provide thousands of high-quality containers to domestic and international shipping markets.


Reefer containers are playing an extremely important role in the transportation industry, reefer containers help preserving food, vegetables, or goods need low temperature to ensure quality and avoid damage. Strengths of VietNam are seafood, fruit and vegetables so the demand for transportation by reefer container is always the solution chosen to bring fresh products to consumers, guarantee the best quality with the least cost

Tan Thanh Container is proud of being the prestige and high-quality supplier of reefer container on the market today. With the guideline: “Always leading about the quality”, Tan Thanh commits to accompany customers. In particular, we always have the special preferential policies as well as the after-sales service considered the best.


Founded in 1994, Tan Thanh is the first company in Vietnam converting containers into office containers for construction sites and mining sites. Tan Thanh’s products are already present in great and main point works. Many big and prestige construction contractors: Hoa Binh, Cofico, Cienco, Unicon, … always trust to use, travel with Tan Thanh brand for many years.

Advantage when using office container

  • Suitable for temporary accommodation, rest, work, study, etc,.
  • High mobility, easy moving from one location to another. Occupying a minimum area, do not take a lot of cost of foundation treatment
  • Improve the landscape, improve occupational safety at construction sites
  • Using office containers is that we together decrease pollution, protect the environment


Facing to the fact that housing land in big cities is becoming scarce, the need for building temporary houses which are convenient for dismantling and moving increase. About a year ago container house began to increase compared to before, many people think that is a solution cannot be more reasonable.

Container house is becoming a trend with rapid construction advantages, reasonable price, and high mobility, suitable for a variety of terrains such as delta, hills or urban. Moreover, the structure of high strength steel and salty make the life of the container house last up to 50 years despite fading … thus create less environmental waste. Tan Thanh container has been supplying to the market the design, consulting and construction houses, works by container. With over 20 years of experience in this field, we are committed ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the service we provide.


Nowadays Container is not only served in the transport industry, cargo. With our creativity, Tan Thanh Container has made the convenient, beautiful and durable container shops over time.

Tan Thanh’s container shop has the following advantages:

  • Easily move from one location to another when needed
  • Only take 5 to 7 days to produce the finished product. Save a lot of time on the foundation processing
  • Optimize the area of use. Match the surrounding landscape
  • Variety of colors can meet all requirements

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